Interior French drain
Experts in installation and replacement in any season!

Your drain is clogged or obsolete and you need to replace it?

With an interior French drain, prevent water infiltration and protect your building, even in winter!

Indispensable to keep your home dry, the interior French drain ensures continuous water tightness of your building, while preventing water from seeping in and causing humidity and damage.

An increasingly popular solution, the installation of an interior French drain is less costly and just as effective as an exterior installation!

It can be installed in any season and can protect your foundation if you have limited space around your home!

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Does your French drain seem don’t work anymore?
Here are the 5 warning signs not to be missed!

  • The appearance of cracks on your foundation walls
  • Presence of humidity exceeding 60% in the basement
  • Warping of basement floors
  • Visible efflorescence at the base of foundation walls
  • Mould growth that can cause respiratory problems

Do you have limited space around your foundation?
You think that the season does not allow French drain work?
Opt for the interior French drain with SOS Sous-sol!

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An interior French drain,
a less costly solution available 12 months a year!

SOS Sous-sol offers you a 30-year guarantee on an interior French drain installation!

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Efficient installation in 8 steps

For all your interior French drain work, SOS Sous-sol protects your home from dust and restores your basement to its original state.

  • 1 – We seal the basement off from adjoining rooms, avoiding dust propagation.
  • 2 – We cut and break the concrete to dig a narrow trench (about 16 inches wide) directly in the concrete slab, along the foundation walls in your basement, down to the base of your footing.
  • 3 – We lay a geotextile membrane at the bottom of the trench.
  • 4 – We install a superior quality French drain.
  • 5 – We connect the interior French drain to the sump pump or other equipment, depending upon the standards set by your municipality.
  • 6 – We repair cracks and holes from the inside, by injection system or repair with waterproof mortar by crystallization.
  • 7 – We install a dimpled membrane on the foundation wall, allowing for airflow and redirecting condensation and humidity to the drain.
  • 8 – The drain pipes are then covered with clean crushed stone to allow for optimal drainage.
  • 9 – A layer of concrete is applied by our experts, with a hand-trowel finish.

Step 1

Step 5

Why call upon experts for your interior French drain?

The installation or replacement of an interior French drain requires the expertise of industry professionals.

The SOS Sous-sol team will be able to examine your foundations and environment in order to propose the best solution for your French drain system.

With state-of-the-art equipment and recognized skills in the field, SOS Sous-sol is the company you need to effectively protect your foundations and basement against water infiltration and humidity.
Moreover, at the end of the work, your basement will be restored to its original state!

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